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Haley Whiteside Design is a studio for residential architecture, planning, and interior and lighting design based in California's beautiful Lake County (just north of Napa Valley). The intent and commitment of Haley Whiteside Design is to create beautiful, energy-efficient, responsive and sensitively sited designs that reflect and respond to the local and regional context while addressing and expressing the unique character, needs and dreams of the client and their surroundings. Haley Whiteside Design strives to capture a sense of place (genus loci) in their designs through the careful and considerate use of building orientation, material selection, and environmentally sensitive building methods.

Kate Haley graduated from the University of Oregon in Eugene earning a five year professional degree in Architecture in 1984. She has been designing single and multi-family homes for over 20 years.

Mo Whiteside has been involved in planning, designing, developing and constructing residential projects for over 30 years.

Haley Whiteside Design offers California Title 24 Energy calculations for new and remodeled residential projects.

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p.o. box 1309

lower lake, ca 95457