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beautiful eco-friendly, sustainable, green custom home design

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eco-friendly design: "aims to adapt the places we live and work with our natural surroundings, ultimately contributing to the wellness of our planet, its resources, and its inhabitants."

green, sustainable design and building: applying affordable techniques inherent in the design of a building that incorporate the use of energy-efficiency through site orientation utilizing passive heating, cooling and daylighting; through the use of insulative building materials, efficient energy-star appliances and heating and cooling systems; through employing grading and site preparation techniques that require minimal site impact thus retaining natural site features such as trees and native landscaping where possible, original topsoil and natural drainage while also eliminating the need for oversized retaining walls, etc.; through the purchase of, whenever possible, renewable and non-toxic and locally available building products and materials supporting the local community, merchants, suppliers, workers and services while supporting your own health and longevity.

"The Not So Big House" philosophy: "Comfort has nothing to do with size. Comfort in homes is attained by tailoring our houses to fit the way we really live. I'm not advocating we build small spaces. Rather, I urge making better use of the spaces we actually use every day by designing them to feel more spacious, more beautiful, and inspiring to live in."

"The inspiration for The Not So Big House came from a growing awareness that new houses were getting bigger and bigger but with little redeeming design merit. The problem is that comfort has almost nothing to do with how big a space is. It is attained, rather, by tailoring our houses to fit the way we really live, and to the scale and proportions of our human form." Sarah Susanka, FAIA, The Not So Big House

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